About us

Nutzen sie die langjährig professionelle Expertise von REMCI Finance

About us

Take advantage of the longstanding professional expertise of REMCI Finance

The enterprise

REMCI Finance GmbH was founded in 2018 and is part of the REMCI Group, which has been active in various business areas since 2015.

The business areas managed by REMCI Finance GmbH enable all-financial advice for our customers. As a result, the idea of advice from “one source” is taken up and redefined by us.

As a place of business, the city Rödermark was chosen. This was due to the proximity to the financial market center Rhein-Main as well as its convenient location and infrastructure.

There are also local and international partnerships with other financial service providers, financial institutions and investment companies.

Contact Person

Managing directors: Anke Lämmerzahl und Thomas Ehrhardt